Open Play matters……

The dropped nets at our pickleball courts today, 3/26/20.

Well, the nets are up and we’re back with new Open Play times at 8am-11am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends, These early morning start times still leave lots of play time for those who arrive later, say 9am.  So, now that we’re avoiding much of the heat of the day, there’s a couple of matters to consider:

First, although face masks are a pain, they are required by the County when we’re on or around the courts.  And, like we learned today during Open Play time,  photos were taken of players on and just off the courts (like done on the golf courses recently), to document any lack of masks.  Sooo, let’s all be masked in the future and avoid any possible penalty.

Second, we’ve been trying the “play-your-own-ball” routine on courts 6 & 7. While it may take some play to get used to only touching your ball (rolling the other ones back to their owners), it can reduce further the risk of virus contact.  Hopefully, more of us will give it a try and we’ll set the net bottoms up on the other courts.

Thanks for listening.