What’s the odds?

Surprisingly, the odds of two revered members of our Indian Ridge pickleballers having their 60th birthdays today are reasonably high (it been said that with 30 people in a room, it’s a better than even chance that two of them will have the same birthday). Don’t believe it? Have a look.

Nancy Kolin, the birthday girl, with her support, Barry, enjoying the front- yard celebration with a dozen of follow pickleballers this morning, in the row of carts and cars. Congrats Nancy!

The second birthday kid (?) today is …………..

None other than Dave Burtt, who spends his afternoons dissipating an otherwise enviable life (or maybe he’s just celebrating “The big 60!.”)

And then there’s this discovery of another birthday among pickleballers a day before.

You’ve probably seen this crazy looking guy around the courts. He’s caught in the moment of his 87th wish for immortality.

PS: Let us know when we have another unusual event to post.