Up date on things………

So, can you pick out the most impressive/lovable pickleballer at our recent Halloween Party? Yeah, it’s surely “chicken little” a/k/a Harry Markowitz. Why? Because, as defined, “Chicken Little is nice, good-natured, sweet, caring, funny and pleasant.” We know the other guys , so it’s got to be Harry.
So, if Chicken Little is the most impressive pickleballer, who’s the goofiest? Surely it’s not our Lila. So, it’s gotta be the stupid-looking-one in the polka-dot sombrero.

Here’s an update on a couple of things.

First, Tuesday and Thursday Open Play times (after tomorrow, Thursday 11/12) will move from mornings at 9-11am to afternoons at 4-6pm. This is usually done to accommodate golf playing, pickleball league play and morning clinics, and in the interest of those wanting to “social” at the Club house after play. While some of these events may not happen in the short term due to the pandemic, at least in the same way, we’ll be ready for what evolves.

Second, as announced, we’re welcoming our new Pickleball Director, Noe (Noah) Sariban, during this Saturday’s Open Play at 9-11am. So be sure to come by to say “hello” and maybe even play a few points with him and get a playing tip or two along the way.