Open Play Tomorrow (Saturday 11/21)

Hello everyone! Just a reminder that tomorrow morning is Open Play from 9am-11am. Please remember that Open Play will be a little different for this season, starting tomorrow! Courts will be designated by level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced). There will also be a Challenge court.

COVID-19: Please be mindful that the Pandemic is still a serious problem. Please follow our procedures to ensure everyone stays safe: click here for the Policies and Procedures for Pickleball.

Remember that there is a court etiquette to follow for each court during Open Play to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to play:

If 4 or more players are waiting, and play on a court ends, all players on that court are replaced by the first 4 players waiting.

If 1 or 2 players are waiting to play, and play on a court ends, the winners on that court split and stay and the losers are replaced by the waiting players, with these exceptions:

  • (1) if the winners have played two consecutive games on the court, then the losers stay on the court, unless the losers have also played two consecutive games on the court;
  • (2) the waiting players can elect to challenge the winners (unless they’ve played 2 games on the court);
  • (3) if 3 players are waiting, one of the two winners comes off the court.

Challenge Court:

Anyone of any level can come challenge the winning team on this court. The winning team remains on the court. If they win 3 games, the winners have to come off the court, and 4 new players come on. If 4 players are not available to come one the court, the winners may stay. If 3 players are waiting, one of the winners stays on the court.

I will be there all morning tomorrow to ensure everything is as smooth as possible!

I hope to see you all out there for some great Pickleball!

Noe Sariban

Indian Ridge Pickleball Director