Hi Everyone,

Once again, what an amazing response by all of you! The tournament registration filled up in under 4 hours!!

Below, please find the list of all players/teams who are REGISTERED for the tournament on April 11th (by Division).

****If your name is not on the list below, you are ON THE WAITLIST****

*If you did not get in the tournament, but would like to help out on tournament day, please email me directly at to be a tournament volunteer as I am sure I can use the help*

BEGINNER Division: (6 teams)

– Deborah Beutler and Rick Guzner

– Jo Ann Krupp and Judy Douglas

– Patti Green and Phyllis Ross

– Molly Levitt and Jay Applebaum

– Barbara and Joel Renbaum

– Donna Masters and Bob Coglianese

INTERMEDIATE Division: (16 teams)

– Ron and Dawn Dennison

– Charlene and Spencer Torpy

– Diane David and Sue Backes

– Chris Burtt and Jack Yeaton

– Marsha and John Swain

– Katie Koter and Joe Hekimian

– Janell McWilliam and Anne McPhail

– Nancy and Maury Fertig

– Pat Spinosa and Rod Smith

– Karen Taylor and Glen Sapa

– Deanne and Mark Torell

– MJ and David Chapman

– Lee Ann and Paul Weston

– Sharon and Alan Levins

– Jody and Barry Spielberg

– Judith Friedman and Barry Silverstein

ADVANCED Division: (6 teams)

– Paige Kiner and Dave Burtt

– Kim Boestam and Peter Evans

– Beth Keno and Jim Gilford

– Cathy Atkins and Rich Nipert

– Jane and Michael Winston

– Nancy and Clark Shewfelt