While the pandemic has taken its toll this season in terms of special events and inter-club matches, we were all thrilled to have a only-one -in-this-season event, a members mixed doubles event yesterday. It was designed, promoted and managed by our one and only pro, Noe Sariban. And what a success it was, with beginners, intermediate and advanced players contesting in pursuit of gold, silver and bronze designations in each of their groups. Have a look at how it went:

Here’s how the Beginners group went with Diana Burton and Bob Coglianese getting the most points in the round robin competition and then winning the Gold Medal match with Deborah Beutler and Rick Guzner, who won the Silver Medal, followed by Barbara and Joel Rebaum, winning the Bronze. Here’s how this happy group looked:
The Beginners group finalists (from left) Bronze, Gold and Silver.

The large Intermediate group began play early in the day and you can see the point winner (circled on the right)in each of four sub-groups. Then those went to the championship matches vying for Gold (won by Jack Yeaton and Chris Burtt), Silver (won by Anne and Gary McPhail, and Bronze (won by Katie Koster and Joe Hekimian). Here’s what these happy winners looked like:
Silver winners Anne & Gary McPhail
Gold winners Chris Burtt & Jack Yeaton

The elite Advanced player group had five teams that fought to get into the medal matches which were even harder fought, with these results: Bronze designations awarded to Kim Boestam & Peter Evans, Silver to Lori Yavorsky & Gorden McWilliam, and, after a thrilling best of two-out-of-three games battle with Lori and Gorden, the Gold was won by Nancy & Clark Shewfelt. Here’s some photos of these winners:

Bronze winners Peter & Kim
Silver winners Gorden & Lori
Gold winners Nancy and Clark with our Pickleball Director, Noe Sariban