Monthly Archives: October 2021

Open Play Days and Times

While we now have four days of official Open Play during the season (Saturdays/Sundays from 9-11am, and Tuesdays/Thursdays from 4-6pm), there’s been a number of questions lately about why we can’t have Open Play every day. It’s thought that an every-day Open Play time would accommodate the varying schedule needs of our growing pickleball-playing membership. So, while the four official Open Play days/times remain, a number of members will be testing open play every weekday at 9-11am, beginning on Monday, November 1st, using courts that are not otherwise reserved. Based on the success of this test over the next week or so, recommendations for expanding official Open Play days/times for the season can be considered.

See you on the courts every morning at 9am.


There will be four (4) of our newly-resurfaced pickleball courts ready for play tomorrow, Sunday, October 24. While there’s no official “Open Play” yet, it’s expected that some pickleballers will want to christen the new courts (with the nets down). You can call the tennis/pickleball desk (760-772-4432) with the name (s) of those wanting to play and see who else is planning to play.