Monthly Archives: November 2021

Things are getting even better!!!

Twilight Pickleball Every Weekday

Who doesn’t like a better pickleball experience, even when it seems we’ve got it all now. We had nice pickleball courts, but now we have more and they’re in perfect shape. We’ve had a nice group of players, but now the player community is even larger and more pickleball mature.

So, after six years of a member-hosted blog, the Club will offer an expanded information system by yearend. It’ll be an even better way to keep us informed of past and upcoming events, IRCC Pickleball News, instructional videos and more. We’ve transferred your blog email address to the new Club program, and you should soon receive its first message.

First Inter-Club Match of the season, on Saturday, November 20th

Not certain, but think this photo was of last season’s Trilogy/IRCC inter-club players.

So, here’s the first inter-club of this season. It’s scheduled for here at India Ridge at 9am on Saturday, November 20th with a challenging group of pickleballers from the Trilogy club of La Quinta (photo above from our match with them a couple of years ago). You’ll not want to miss this classic.

Sign up at the Fitness Center desk (760/772-4432) as soon as possible. We can only accommodate 16 players on our team that, as best we can, match the skill level of their team players. Therefore, after you signup, we’ll try to confirm your status as soon as possible.

Let’s signup now and take on Trilogy in a friendly, but serious, match. GO INDIAN RIDGE!

Open Play & Demo Day

Afternoon to Evening Open Play

Two items for your attention:

1. There’s a Head Demo day next Thursday, November 11, at 3pm (during the Open Play time), and

2. Open Play times on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons will be from 3-6pm now that the Fall season is upon us.