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See these folks. They’re the “Unspookables” who brushed aside any spooks at the courts today.

We missed a lot of our folks for our Halloween event this year, who are about to return to IRCC or are pandemic-home-bound. But we had four courts going this Halloween morning, sweeping away the spooks and playing some solid PB. As more of you return and join in, we’ll all enjoy the program this season that much more. So, stay tuned for announcements of forthcoming pickleball events.

Oh, as the mornings are getting cooler, we’re starting Open Play at 9am rather than 8am, beginning tomorrow, Sunday, 11/01. Then, starting the next week when the courses open, we usually switch Tuesday/Thursday Open Play from mornings to afternoons at 4-6pm. Of course, as democratic as we can be, we’d like to know if you have any preference in this regard, or whether we do some mornings and/or afternoons. Just send us your comments via email:

Really Spooky Times……

Here’s last year’s spooks:

You’d think there’s enough reasons to be spooky these days, in the middle of a pandemic. But we need to be brave and show that pickleballers take this all in stride and can unleash their own spooks. So, our Halloween show goes on as scheduled 9-11am on Saturday, October 31. While keeping our required distance from each other, and masking as required, we can have much fun with pickleball round-robin play, enjoying a juice/snack bar while watching our own spooks show their stuff ( yes, outrageous spook-dress is encouraged). Join in by signing up at the Fitness Center Desk (760) 772-4432 or by emailing to this address :

Play goes on……

This happy group a couple of weeks ago has grown in numbers and satisfaction.

Folks, the pre-season season is under way this last week, with some impressive play among a growing number of players. Let’s keep it up this week, with Open Play this Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 8am (until the weather cools further). Let us know if you’ll join in one or more days by emailing:

Are you here now?

These are the sturdy souls that played during the mid-summer heat; they’re looking for some challenging competition.

If you are, we need you on the courts for Open Play on Tuesday, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday mornings. The weather’s trending cooler so we’re starting play at 8 AM. So, let us know which days you’ll be playing during the balance of this week, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, via return comment to:

Are you here?

Competition gets the blood flowing and attitude sharpened!

If you are, we need you on the courts for Open Play on Tuesday, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday mornings. We’ve had surprisingly good numbers playing lately, but now the player-group is thinning as more members head to their summer homes. So, let us know if you’ll be playing during the balance of this week, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday, via return comment to:

What’s the odds?

Surprisingly, the odds of two revered members of our Indian Ridge pickleballers having their 60th birthdays today are reasonably high (it been said that with 30 people in a room, it’s a better than even chance that two of them will have the same birthday). Don’t believe it? Have a look.

Nancy Kolin, the birthday girl, with her support, Barry, enjoying the front- yard celebration with a dozen of follow pickleballers this morning, in the row of carts and cars. Congrats Nancy!

The second birthday kid (?) today is …………..

None other than Dave Burtt, who spends his afternoons dissipating an otherwise enviable life (or maybe he’s just celebrating “The big 60!.”)

And then there’s this discovery of another birthday among pickleballers a day before.

You’ve probably seen this crazy looking guy around the courts. He’s caught in the moment of his 87th wish for immortality.

PS: Let us know when we have another unusual event to post.


Open Play matters……

The dropped nets at our pickleball courts today, 3/26/20.

Well, the nets are up and we’re back with new Open Play times at 8am-11am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and weekends, These early morning start times still leave lots of play time for those who arrive later, say 9am.  So, now that we’re avoiding much of the heat of the day, there’s a couple of matters to consider:

First, although face masks are a pain, they are required by the County when we’re on or around the courts.  And, like we learned today during Open Play time,  photos were taken of players on and just off the courts (like done on the golf courses recently), to document any lack of masks.  Sooo, let’s all be masked in the future and avoid any possible penalty.

Second, we’ve been trying the “play-your-own-ball” routine on courts 6 & 7. While it may take some play to get used to only touching your ball (rolling the other ones back to their owners), it can reduce further the risk of virus contact.  Hopefully, more of us will give it a try and we’ll set the net bottoms up on the other courts.

Thanks for listening.

Open Play times and other things….

With the 100′ days upon us, we first asked folks about their interest in shifting the Tuesday/Thursday Open Play times from late afternoons to mornings at 8am. A heavy majority favored this change. Then it was asked if Saturdays and Sundays would also be changed to 8 am, so we asked all of you to let us know your preference. Again, most favored a 8am start time.  So, as majority rules, we’ll make the changes, beginning tomorrow, Thursday, 4/23. However, the Open play times will be from 8am to 11am all days, so those of us who like to “sleep in” some monings can arrive at 9am and still have plenty of play time.

Another issue that’s come up regarding Open Play during this pandemic is the concern of mixing with different players and the desire of some groups to play only among themselves to minimize risk. While this is understandable, a level of mixing has always been encouraged in the Open Play guidelines, even while respecting the freedom to play with those you chose. So, as sort of a compromise, let’s try some new ways of playing pickleball on as low-risk-basis as posible, even with some desirable player mixing going on.   One of those ways, Play-Your-Own Pickleball or PYOBall,  was mentioned in a prior blog posting: 

“Oh, if you, like me, are concerned about maintaining self-distancing and no-touch-other-things, courts 6 &7 will have the net bottoms up 3.5 inches so you can roll your pickleball under it, as suggested weeks ago in the message below. You may want to join me in following that practice to minimize exposure. Let’s try it!”

“Regarding the “PYO ball” idea, which would have each player use their own ball (the same brand for all four players) when it’s their turn to serve, has its challenge: returning the ball to that server when it’s out of play, in such a way that no other player touches the ball.  ..but what should work readily is to merely hit the ball on a roll back to the server’s side. This was easy to do if the net bottom is raised about three inches.”

We’re hopeful you’ll try out this PYOBall game on courts 6 &7 this week. We’ll be there to help.