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The re-start’s underway…….

Competition gets the blood flowing and attitude sharpened!

The second season within “The Season” started this morning at 9 am with four courts going for the most of two hours. The nets were all up, along with our spirits.

The numbers we had at this otherwise non-open-play time, the forecast of 100′ temperatures coming this week, and with our Arroyo Grill remaining closed, raised the question about changing our Tuesday and Thursday open play times. Normally, we’d be dropping the 4-6 pm times at the end of April in favor of morning play. So, we polled the players this morning and all favored the earlier morning time of 8 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Unless there’s reasons why these new  times won’t work well through the rest of the spring and summer (please comment via the link below), we’ll  start the new times this Thursday, April 23.

I/we have a comment or question.

PS: Tonight’s 4 pm Open Play time is on, of course, although not sure of how many players will attend, given the turnout this morning.


Rah! Courts are open, But?

The dropped nets at our pickleball courts today, 3/26/20.

Well folks, after being closed down for almost a month, the nets will be up tomorrow after 7am. So, given time to get them up, we should be able to play at, say, 9am. If you get this blog tonight or early tomorrow, and want to play at 9am,  let us know below and we’ll see if we can let you know who is available then. Or you can just show up then and see what works.

I/We want to play tomorrow at?

Oh, if you, like me, are concerned about maintaining self-distancing and no-touch-other-things, courts 6 &7 seven will have the net bottoms up 3.5 inches so you can your pickleball under it, as suggested weeks ago in the message below. You may want to join me in following that practice to minimize exposure. Let’s try it!

“Regarding the “BYO ball” idea, which would have each player use their own ball (the same brand for all four players) when it’s their turn to serve, has its challenge: returning the ball to that server when it’s out of play, in such a way that no other player touches the ball.  …..but what should work readily is to merely hit the ball on a roll back to the server’s side. This was easy to do if the net bottom is raised about three inches.”


It’s a Scam……….


You may know by now the your blog administrator (me) had his email contact list stolen by hackers. And you may have gotten a message like the one below, with their own URL (Hotmail), so you’d respond to them (not me) and they’d tell you that I was traveling and need a gift card from you for a relative, etc.

This is a common scam, I’ve been told, so please ignore any such email involving me.

“How are you? I need a favor from you.



Thanks, and see you on the PB courts one of these days.

The dropped nets at our pickleball courts today, 3/26/20.

The Big Drop……………

The dropped nets at our pickleball courts today, 3/26/20.

Well, this should help with our cross-court dinks and at-the-feet drives. And maybe we won’t need those dizzying lobs as much. But. alas, the courts are closed for an indefinite period, so we’ll have to be inventive and find ways to stay “in condition,” ready for a return to post-coronavirus normalcy.

We’ll try to help bridge the “abyss” by posting some helpful videos and other pickleball news. If you come across such, send in on to and we’ll get it out.

Until the nets are up again, ciao!

Are we ready?????

The latest golf course Corona virus move to avoid our touching things others have handled. Kinda weird to see but allows us to continue playing safely.

The last blog post suggested we try the ultimate in “social distancing” by each bringing our own pickleball (BYO ball) to use when serving, so there would be no need for the other players to touch a ball not their own. It may seem a little “over the top” but as the Corona virus ramps up we need to focus on things that significantly reduces the infection risk. Sooo, with that in mind, we’ve raised the bottom of the net on court #6 so all pickleballs can be readily hockey-rolled back to it’s owner at the end of a point rally, to be pocketed before the next player serves his/her ball. Let’s try this out during this weekend’s Open Play and we’ll expand it to other courts if it works.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your sanitizer wipes and foam!  


Let’s give it a try……..


The last blog post you received discussed the request of the Club  for sanitizer dispensers at the pickleball courts and had a video explaining the BYO ball idea. We’ve since learned the Club’s position on court-side dispensers is that players should take personal responsibility for their sanitary needs as done with tennis, golf, etc. (so don’t expect dispensers provided at court-side).

Regarding the “BYO ball” idea, which would have each player use their own ball (the same brand for all four players) when it’s their turn to serve, has its challenge: returning the ball to that server when it’s out of play, in such a way that no other player touches the ball.  One possible routine for doing this is to flip the ball up between foot and paddle, bounce it , and then hit it back to the server (like we use to do in tennis); upon testing it with a pickleball, it was fun but too difficult to do smoothly. But what should work readily is to merely hit the ball on a roll back to the server’s side. This was easy to do if the net bottom is raised about three inches.

So, starting with the Open Play time today at 4pm, we’ll have a couple of courts with net bottoms raised. And hopefully there will be some players willing to test this anti-Corona-infection practice. See you at the courts. 


Pickleball, The Corona and You


We’ve asked that sanitizer wipes and foam dispensers be placed at the courts ASAP, for all of us to use on our hands and grips. In addition,  the idea presented in the Youtube video below also seems to be spot on in significantly lowering the Coronavirus risk we face; it’s the idea of each of the four players on a court having their own ball (say uniformally the UltraFast 40) to use when they serve.  Also, we might add, the other players can hit/roll the ball back to the owner as needed, and thus avoid touching “his/her” ball.

Sooo, let’s try this out when next playing, before adding it to the Open Play Guidelines, and be “better safe than sorry,” to recite that old cliche.

Your nervous Dinking Committee

PS: Ultrafast 40 balls available in the Fitness Center shop.


Open Play Issues & Guidelines…

As our group of pickleballers keeps expanding, and there’s increasing pressure on court availability during Open Play times (particularly during weekend times), it’s worthwhile revisiting the very idea of Open Play. As the “Open” caption implies, all player skill levels are welcomed and some mixing of those levels on a fair basis is encouraged.  No one should consider this some kind of demand, but a guideline for the maximum satisfaction of our group of pickleball-playing Club members as possible. So, exclusive use of one or more courts during these times,  for family/friends affairs or team practices, or whatever, is counter to the goals of Open Play.    The current Open Play Guidelines are attached below and your comments or questions on them, or any related matters, are welcomed. Just click on the link below.


Indian Ridge Country Club –  2019/2020 Season

Court Availability

In order to provide players of different abilities and interests with a satisfying Open Play experience, certain courts are available as follows:

First Half-Hour of Play:

Courts 1-3, 6 & 7 are available for “Intermediate/Advanced ” level play and social games.

Courts 4 & 5 are available for newcomers to the game and more social “Easy Play.”

Players on Intermediate players are encouraged to play a game or two on the newcomers’ courts (and advanced players with intermediate skilled players) during each Open Play session’s first half-hour or so to promote player development and increased interest in competitive pickleball.

Remaining Hour and 1/2 of Play:

All courts continue to be available for play as in the first half-hour, except Court 6 and 7 are

available for competitive play of more advanced players. i.e. the Challenge Courts

Intermediate Play accommodates players with skill level ratings of 3.0 -3.5, which may be self-ratings, according to the IPF/USAPA rating descriptions or tournament skill level ratings. Players with 3.5-4.0 ratings typically use the Challenge Court, but they can be challenged otherwise.

Player Rotation on All Courts

If 1 or 2 players are waiting to play, and play on a court ends, the winners on that court split and stay and the losers are replaced by the waiting players, with these exceptions: (1) if the winners have played two consecutive games on the court, they should leave instead, unless the losers have also played two consecutive games on the court; (2) the waiting players can elect to challenge the winners (unless they’ve played 2 games on the court); (3) if 3 are waiting, winners decide which one stays, subject to number of games played on the court.

If 4 or more players are waiting, and play on a court ends, all players on that court are replaced by the first 4 players waiting.

Paddle Stacking: At each major court entry point, there are paddle mats. Waiting players should place their paddles in the ascending order they wish to play: lowest paddle is first, next is second, etc. through the first four, then the order is repeated for the next court opening.

I have a comment/question for you


Super Bowl morning a big hit…………

So it all started with an early continental breakfast on Sunday to get the two teams (a Red and a Black) ready for the play and competition as the morning unfolds. Have a look:

First, a little breakfast to get everyone in the mood for a fun-filled morning.
IMG_5243 (1)
The swell and impartial coaches and refs are introduced.
Get ready! Randy, the Producer/Director, along with an aide, outline the competition.

So, the games began in earnest, with tennis and pickleball matches between the Reds and the Blacks. After ferocious battles, here’s the results:

After the tennis and pickleball, and the ball toss, the Blacks lead over the Reds was 44 to 43. Wow! So close!

Next came the relays and then the team cheering events. Have a look:

IMG_0931 (1)
The Director is explaining the rules and outfit for the relays. Dress up like this and then run to a far chair, dis-robe and have your team mate do the same.
Here’s the Reds getting their cheering routine down.
Here’s the Blacks doing their cheers.

So, all of this came down to a cheery ending, with the Blacks showing their stuff and taking the day against a stubborn Reds team. Here the Blacks show it off:

IMG_0948 (2)
The Blacks have their day.

Congrats to the Blacks and a special kudo to the Director (Randy) and the ladies who made it work. Even better moves than the Super Bowl half time?






SUPERBOWL SOCIAL & Games for Pickleball & Tennis Players….

This is a repeat blog, correcting a faulty link below:

SuperBowl Sunday beginning at 8:30 am with Continental Breakfast at Registration.  Players will be divided into teams for San Francisco and Kansas City.  Earn points for your team with relay races, games and tennis and Pickleball round robins.

Join the fun by signing up at the Fitness Desk by end of the day Friday, January 31st or click on “Sign up Here” below.

Member cost is $5.00

Promising a good time and lots of laughs!!!