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Things are getting even better!!!

Twilight Pickleball Every Weekday

Who doesn’t like a better pickleball experience, even when it seems we’ve got it all now. We had nice pickleball courts, but now we have more and they’re in perfect shape. We’ve had a nice group of players, but now the player community is even larger and more pickleball mature.

So, after six years of a member-hosted blog, the Club will offer an expanded information system by yearend. It’ll be an even better way to keep us informed of past and upcoming events, IRCC Pickleball News, instructional videos and more. We’ve transferred your blog email address to the new Club program, and you should soon receive its first message.

First Inter-Club Match of the season, on Saturday, November 20th

Not certain, but think this photo was of last season’s Trilogy/IRCC inter-club players.

So, here’s the first inter-club of this season. It’s scheduled for here at India Ridge at 9am on Saturday, November 20th with a challenging group of pickleballers from the Trilogy club of La Quinta (photo above from our match with them a couple of years ago). You’ll not want to miss this classic.

Sign up at the Fitness Center desk (760/772-4432) as soon as possible. We can only accommodate 16 players on our team that, as best we can, match the skill level of their team players. Therefore, after you signup, we’ll try to confirm your status as soon as possible.

Let’s signup now and take on Trilogy in a friendly, but serious, match. GO INDIAN RIDGE!

Open Play & Demo Day

Afternoon to Evening Open Play

Two items for your attention:

1. There’s a Head Demo day next Thursday, November 11, at 3pm (during the Open Play time), and

2. Open Play times on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons will be from 3-6pm now that the Fall season is upon us.

Open Play Days and Times

While we now have four days of official Open Play during the season (Saturdays/Sundays from 9-11am, and Tuesdays/Thursdays from 4-6pm), there’s been a number of questions lately about why we can’t have Open Play every day. It’s thought that an every-day Open Play time would accommodate the varying schedule needs of our growing pickleball-playing membership. So, while the four official Open Play days/times remain, a number of members will be testing open play every weekday at 9-11am, beginning on Monday, November 1st, using courts that are not otherwise reserved. Based on the success of this test over the next week or so, recommendations for expanding official Open Play days/times for the season can be considered.

See you on the courts every morning at 9am.


There will be four (4) of our newly-resurfaced pickleball courts ready for play tomorrow, Sunday, October 24. While there’s no official “Open Play” yet, it’s expected that some pickleballers will want to christen the new courts (with the nets down). You can call the tennis/pickleball desk (760-772-4432) with the name (s) of those wanting to play and see who else is planning to play.

Open Play time changes…..

With the late Spring temperatures beginning to rise further , Open Play times are about to change. Beginning next Tuesday, April 20, the Open Play times will be as follows for the balance of the season, until October:

Open Play on Tuesdays at 8am-10am and 5pm – 7pm

Open Play on Thursdays at 5-7pm

Open Play on Saturdays and Sundays at 8am – 11am

The intent in setting Open Play times is to satisfy the most member/players as feasible. We’d be interested in learning if these times are satisfying to you or what would work better for you.



While the pandemic has taken its toll this season in terms of special events and inter-club matches, we were all thrilled to have a only-one -in-this-season event, a members mixed doubles event yesterday. It was designed, promoted and managed by our one and only pro, Noe Sariban. And what a success it was, with beginners, intermediate and advanced players contesting in pursuit of gold, silver and bronze designations in each of their groups. Have a look at how it went:

Here’s how the Beginners group went with Diana Burton and Bob Coglianese getting the most points in the round robin competition and then winning the Gold Medal match with Deborah Beutler and Rick Guzner, who won the Silver Medal, followed by Barbara and Joel Rebaum, winning the Bronze. Here’s how this happy group looked:
The Beginners group finalists (from left) Bronze, Gold and Silver.

The large Intermediate group began play early in the day and you can see the point winner (circled on the right)in each of four sub-groups. Then those went to the championship matches vying for Gold (won by Jack Yeaton and Chris Burtt), Silver (won by Anne and Gary McPhail, and Bronze (won by Katie Koster and Joe Hekimian). Here’s what these happy winners looked like:
Silver winners Anne & Gary McPhail
Gold winners Chris Burtt & Jack Yeaton

The elite Advanced player group had five teams that fought to get into the medal matches which were even harder fought, with these results: Bronze designations awarded to Kim Boestam & Peter Evans, Silver to Lori Yavorsky & Gorden McWilliam, and, after a thrilling best of two-out-of-three games battle with Lori and Gorden, the Gold was won by Nancy & Clark Shewfelt. Here’s some photos of these winners:

Bronze winners Peter & Kim
Silver winners Gorden & Lori
Gold winners Nancy and Clark with our Pickleball Director, Noe Sariban


Hi Everyone,

Once again, what an amazing response by all of you! The tournament registration filled up in under 4 hours!!

Below, please find the list of all players/teams who are REGISTERED for the tournament on April 11th (by Division).

****If your name is not on the list below, you are ON THE WAITLIST****

*If you did not get in the tournament, but would like to help out on tournament day, please email me directly at to be a tournament volunteer as I am sure I can use the help*

BEGINNER Division: (6 teams)

– Deborah Beutler and Rick Guzner

– Jo Ann Krupp and Judy Douglas

– Patti Green and Phyllis Ross

– Molly Levitt and Jay Applebaum

– Barbara and Joel Renbaum

– Donna Masters and Bob Coglianese

INTERMEDIATE Division: (16 teams)

– Ron and Dawn Dennison

– Charlene and Spencer Torpy

– Diane David and Sue Backes

– Chris Burtt and Jack Yeaton

– Marsha and John Swain

– Katie Koter and Joe Hekimian

– Janell McWilliam and Anne McPhail

– Nancy and Maury Fertig

– Pat Spinosa and Rod Smith

– Karen Taylor and Glen Sapa

– Deanne and Mark Torell

– MJ and David Chapman

– Lee Ann and Paul Weston

– Sharon and Alan Levins

– Jody and Barry Spielberg

– Judith Friedman and Barry Silverstein

ADVANCED Division: (6 teams)

– Paige Kiner and Dave Burtt

– Kim Boestam and Peter Evans

– Beth Keno and Jim Gilford

– Cathy Atkins and Rich Nipert

– Jane and Michael Winston

– Nancy and Clark Shewfelt

FINAL DATE CHANGE – Indian Ridge Pickleball Tournament

Hi everyone,

I apologize for all the confusion, however, because of Passover and Easter weekends being back to back, the tournament will take now take place on:


This way, hopefully everyone will be able to participate!

Once again, I apologize for the confusion! Please find the initial message below with updated dates:

I’m happy to announce our next event!  The first Member Only Indian Ridge Pickleball Tournament will take place on SUNDAY APRIL 11th, 2021
We will have three different skill level divisions: beginnerintermediate, and advanced*.  The event will be a MIXED DOUBLES TOURNAMENT**
*All Teams Skill Level is up for review by me, and teams may be placed in a different skill category if necessary.**All female teams will be allowed as we seem to have fewer men than women overall.
Availability will be limited as we only have 7 courts.  Therefore, in order to make signing up fair for everyone, Registration will open on Saturday March 20th at 7:30am via a Link I will send out.This will give everyone a week to find a partner, and will provide everyone an opportunity to be ready for the registration. Spots are limited so it will be on a “First registered, first served” basis.  The format and details will be explained later on after registration closes on Sunday March 21st at 8pm.
I’m looking forward to another great event!  If you have any questions, I’m available!

Thank you!
Noe Sariban,Indian Ridge Pickleball Director

If you are interested in registering, please email directly at: