Clinic and Class Description

Clinics: 3 levels: $30/person


(Wednesdays 9am-10:30am)


(Wednesdays 10:30am-12pm

Fridays 9am-10:30am)


(Fridays 10:30am-12pm)

We will have 3 different Pickleball Clinics being offered this season: All Clinics are 90 minute long.

Beginner’s Clinic: This is geared towards players who are either new to the game, or have just started playing in the past few months. Focus will be on stroke mechanics, rules, scoring, and basic strategy. Players without a rating or with a rating below 3.0 should consider this level of Clinic.

Intermediate Clinic: This is geared towards players who have been playing for a little while, and would like to improve their game to reach an advanced level of play. Focus will be on mechanics, footwork, positioning, strategy, and key components to elevate your game. Players with a rating around 3.0 should consider this level of Clinic.

Advanced Clinic: This is geared toward the advanced player, and will focus on shot development, advanced strategy, advanced strokes and mechanics, player movement and communication, decision making, and higher risk reward playing strategies. Players with a rating of 3.5 and above should consider this level of Clinic.

Classes ($20/person)

Pickleball Balance Class

(Tuesdays 8.15am-9am)

Pickleball Strength and Agility Class

(Thursdays 8.15am-9am)

Noe will be offering 2 classes here at Indian Ridge. His background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy gives him a unique ability to guide us in these critical areas of preparation off the court to improve our Pickleball Game. All classes will be 45 minutes.

Pickleball Balance Class: This class will focus on various balance exercises to challenge your balance and stability on the court with Pickleball specific geared exercises. This will help you improve your stability on the court, leading to more consistent play and decreased errors.

Pickleball Strength and Agility class: This class will focus on strength and agility exercises geared to Pickleball to help develop muscles and positions used in Pickleball, as well as improve your footwork so you can improve your play on the courts.

To Book a Clinic or Class

Contact the Health and Fitness Front Desk at 760-772-4432