Lesson Rates

All Lessons Rates below are with Indian Ridge Pickleball Director Noe Sariban:

Private lesson (1 hour): $80
Semi Private (1 hour):   -2 People (team lesson): $100 ($50/person)  -3 and me: $105 ($35/person)
4 people Group lesson (1 hour): $120 ($40/person)
4 people Group lesson with Match Video Analysis (90 minutes): $240 ($60/person)

Wednesday/Friday Clinics (90 minutes): $30/person

Pickleball Balance Class (45 minutes on court): $20/person

Pickleball Strength and Agility Class (45 minutes on court): $20/person

To Schedule a Lesson, Clinic, or Class, please call the Health and Fitness Center Front Desk at 760-772-4432.