Indian Ridge Pickleball Ambassadors

Several experienced-pickleball-playing members have volunteered as Ambassadors to introduce beginners to the game, host inter-club matches, promote competitive League teams, and manage pickleball social events. These Ambassadors are also members of the Club’s Tennis/Pickleball Committee and are ready to answer your questions  or communicate them to Club management.  They will also be present at most pickleball events to aid in assuring an enjoyable pickleball experience for our members and their guests.

For questions or comments– each of the following members serve on the Club’s Tennis/Pickleball Committee, with a special interest in pickleball matters:

Mary Jeane (“MJ”) Chapman, 760-668-6633 or
Dave Garfinkel,  516-528-1453 or

Jeff Peterson, 509-531-2432 or

Andrea Rifkin, 805-689-9101 or
Glenn Sapa, 312-550-4944 or
Rod Smith (760)534-6267 or
IMG_5838 (3)
Nadine Woods, 303-618-2828 or